How to Get into Your Customer’s Head – And Know The Questions That They’re Asking

Answer The Public is an incredible tool for finding out what your audience is asking.

There are many ways to understand your target audience, and many ways to see things and understand things from their perspective.

But as mentioned by koozai, there’s one tool on the market that is perhaps the best way to do that: Answer The Public.

What is Answer The Public?

Answer the Public is a clever consumer insight tool that combines the suggested searches from Bing and Google and visualises them in what could be called a search cloud. 

These are organised into categories such as ‘who,’ ‘where,’ and ‘why.’ They compile all of the questions people are typing into their search engines about your industry.

What’s helpful about this?

It helps you get into your audience’s head, by understanding the questions your audience has in relation to the products and ideas that you can offer them.

It also helps you to target your keyword research and helps you to answer questions which can get you featured in Google’s featured snippets.

Targeting your keyword research

When you’ve established the questions people are asking in relation to your products, your service and your industry, you can gather more data with a keyword research tool such as SEMrush:

This will give you the number of monthly searches for specific related keywords, allowing you to choose the ones for which you’d like to optimise your answers.

When producing content, make sure you use a combination of generic phrases and long-tail key phrases.

Optimising for long-tail key phrases

If you know the questions people are asking, you can literally include these questions in your headings and subheadings or in an FAQ or user guide.

These long-tail key phrases will usually have less competition, so it’s easier for you to rise higher in the Google rankings.

Appearing in Google’s featured snippets

Google’s featured snippets are excerpts of information pulled from various websites in order to present Google users with answers without having to click through to a website.

If your site can appear in one of these feature snippets, it’s incredible exposure for your brand. It’ll increase your reputation and the amount of people who know about you.

It’s essential to seem like an expert in your field – and this is a fantastic shortcut to gaining that reputation.

A good way to get into these snippets is by giving concise answers or list-style answers to the questions being asked by your audience. You should answer these questions for both long and short phrases.

In short, you must provide what your audience is looking for – but you must provide it at a glimpse.

Answer The Public is an incredible tool for finding out what your audience is asking. Because if you can find out what they’re asking, you can answer it more readily and more appropriately – and find yourself much higher up the Google pecking order.