6 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Video Ads

Used well, Facebook Video Ads can be a great way to reach your target market. Just be sure to reach them quickly.

As mentioned by WordStream, Facebook receives over 8 billion video views per day. So it's a good place to get attention for your brand.

But because the market is so saturated, it means your brand needs to stand out with a good ad. It also means that you want to grab your audience's attention in the first ten seconds of your video.

Here are six tips on how to improve the first ten seconds of your Facebook Video Ads:

1. Blur the intro

A momentarily blurry intro to your video can grab the attention of scrollers. And because all Facebook videos start with a blurry screen while they're loading, this is a clever creative trick.

2. Don't rely on sound

85% of Facebook video ads are watched with the sound turned off, so you need to utilise image over sound:

Combat the potential sound deficit with bold visuals, clear stories with obvious visuals, and the use of graphic text to convey any crucial messaging.

It's essential that you can grab attention without sound – because your competitors will be doing just that.

3. Use bold graphics

Don't be quiet and modest. Use big, bold loud graphics to tell your audience why you're best for the job. Captivate them with your assets. And do all of this quickly.

Use these graphics in the first ten seconds of your video and you will not only grab your audience's attention, but you stand a good chance of keeping it.

4. Don't make your ad look too much like an ad

Consumers are wary of advertisements. That's why authentic-looking videos often perform better. If you can make your ad look more like it may at first be a home-made video, people will be more likely to watch.

That's why, now, many ads:

include shooting the spokesperson or actors with selfie angles, going with a vlog feel and realistic environments and backgrounds

If your ad looks less contrived, it appears to be more sincere.

5. Get to the point

Let's face it. People nowadays have shorter attention spans. They don't want to wait around forever attempting to work out the message behind an ad.

That's why you need to hit them hard. You should get to the point in your first ten seconds. These ten seconds should communicate your key message – and sell the corresponding product.

6. Copy the news

Facebook is not just used for social purposes. 43% of people get their news from Facebook.

You might want to recreate the fact-based serious tone of news articles when creating your ad. These can make users pay greater attention to your video.

You can also use graphic text to highlight the important points of your message, similar to what you might see on the news.

Your first ten seconds are essential. Don't waste them. Used well, Facebook Video Ads can be a great way to reach your target market. Just be sure to reach them quickly.