The New .new Extension… and What it Means

Where time can be saved, money can be made – and that’s the big idea here.

Tech companies love shortcuts, and as recently reported in their blog, Google have lately introduced a new domain concept, allowing internet users to quickly and easily perform actions without having to click on a single thing.

These shortcuts all have a short word or phrase, with a .new extension at the end of that short word or phrase. And when these small shortcuts are typed into a browser address bar, they pull up a whole host of different things.

Just over a year ago, G Suite introduced four main ones:

  •, which allows you to bring up a new document
  •, giving you a new spreadsheet
  • for a brand-new slideshow
  •, for new entries into your Google calendar.

But Google aren’t the only company using the new .new extension. Plenty of companies big and small have joined the club.

Though Google released the new domain extension, any company or organisation can use this extension to help people get things done faster.

Which other companies have joined in?

Plenty have done so, including the following:

  • Spotify. The shortcut allows you to craft new playlists on the music hosting site.
  • Medium. Use to write about whatever matters to you.
  • Canva. Use to create a brand-new bespoke business cards, logos, presentations and more.
  • Webex. By typing into your browser, you can quickly start a personal meeting room – a great way to chat to colleagues and clients.
  • Bitly. You can quickly and simply create new short hyperlinks with the extension
  • Stripe: create a new invoice with
  • Runkit: prototype and launch your ideas for new Node.js API endpoints with the extension
  • Coda: the extension can combine all of your workforce’s efforts into a single canvas, combining spreadsheets and documents.
  • Ovo Sound: the record label shares content and fun features at the extension
  • eBay: takes you straight to their site.

How do other companies register a domain?

From December 2nd, 2019, any and all companies can register their interest and ideas by going to the appropriate link of

If you’re considering using a .new domain and want to know more about policies and procedure, this is the place to find all of the relevant information.

What’s the big aim?

Google want to make life easier for businesses and consumers. Their thinking is that, if we can make every online action more simple – by just typing what we want to do with a .new suffix at the end – life becomes easier for everyone.

With .new, you can help people take action faster. We hope to see .new shortcuts for all the things people frequently do online. 

This means that businesses can provide their services more succinctly, and consumers can get what they want without the need of having to click through several pages. Where time can be saved, money can be made – and that’s the big idea here.